About Peter Lawry

Peter works deeply, respectfully and elegantly, and clients are amazed at how much they have changed in a few sessions with him.

Optimising business

As well as contributing many millions of dollars of new business and savings to his clients, Peter’s interventions have changed the way business is done around the world. One example: Agile Software Development.

Education is key

Peter is deeply committed to life long learning and ongoing educational development.

Prior Work

Prior to his work in the field of Leadership Development, Peter was a clinical supervisor, a therapist specialising in drug & alcohol dependency, and an Anglican priest.

About Peter Lawry


Peter’s DEEP MENTORING approach evolved from over 30 years of working with leaders and their organisations in more than 26 countries around the world.

Since the mid 1980s, Peter has been focusing on transforming leadership capability, and continually refining his approach to successfully “growing” leaders.

Peter is very eclectic drawing on insights from:

  • Complexity Science (quantum physics, chaos theory, systems theory and evolutionary biology)
  • Jungian analysis
  • Action Research
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Clinical pastoral education
  • Decades of practical experience

His approach is widely recognised for its ability to achieve extraordinary business outcomes, while at the same time increasing both employee commitment and customer satisfaction.

As well as training and mentoring leaders internationally, Peter has been an adjunct faculty member of the University of NSW since 2011 and at the Australian Catholic University since 2014. His highly original work on Complex Adaptive Systems provides a key contribution to several of the flagship leadership programmes in the Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of NSW, and at the Australian Catholic University.

Innovating and Optimising Business


As well as contributing many millions of dollars of new business and savings to his clients, Peter’s interventions have changed the way business is done around the world. One example: AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT.

Peter Lawry acknowledged as one of the “inventors” of Agile, began developing a revolutionary approach to designing software while consulting to Ericsson Australia between 1992-96.

Originally called Evolutionary Design, this team-based approach (combining designers and testers working in short iterations) spread rapidly across the world in the mid 1990s, contributing to higher software quality while halving development time and greatly improving employee satisfaction.

This ground-breaking agile approach revolutionised the way software is developed and is now used to develop software throughout the world

Education and Professional Development


Bachelor of Theology – United Faculty of Theology University of Melbourne, Victoria.

Training in Clinical Supervision – I.N.S.T.E.P. Rev. Dr. Stephen Ames.

Accelerated Learning Techniques – Robert Kiyosaki.

Action Research Design – Professor Oscar Mink, University of Texas. USA

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Phil Boas, Marvin Oka, Dr. Richard Bandler.

Quality Tools & Methodology – C.S.I.R.O. Australia.

Adventure Learning – Former SAS trainers, Australian Army. 

Leadership Development Framework – David Rooke, Elaine Herdman Barker UK.

Provocative Therapy Training with founder- Frank Farrelly.

Jungian Analysis – Patrick Jansen; Rod Paterson.

Ordained Anglican Priest – Diocese of Melbourne.


Peter lives with his wife at their riverside property in Warrandyte on the outskirts of Melbourne, and they have two grown-up children. His interests include cultural studies, exploring the nature of consciousness, gardening and travel.

Prior to working with Leadership Development


Worked as a clinical supervisor training hospital and prison chaplains and Parish counselors (INSTEP Clinical Pastoral Education 1977-84)

Was the founding Director of the Centre for Transformation renowned for its innovative seminars, meditation retreats, mentoring and the hosting of international teachers from the different spiritual traditions (sponsored by Melbourne Diocese of the Anglican Church (1983-1987)

Worked as a therapist for the Uniting Church, specialising in drug & alcohol dependency (Moreland Hall Melbourne, 1982).

Was a parish priest for the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne (1980-87).

Tailored leadership coaching and development that results in deep transformation and measurable success.