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Each Leadership stage:

  • Is a constellation of developmental tasks that individuals need to master on their journey towards maturity
  • Is more comprehensive, more differentiated and more effective in dealing with the complexities of life than its predecessors
  • Includes and transcends the previous ones. The earlier perspectives remain part of our current experience and knowledge – just as when a child learns to run, it is still able to walk

A person who has reached a later stage can understand earlier world-views, but a person at an earlier stage cannot understand the later ones.

The 7 stages of Leadership Development

Our stages of development significantly affect how we:

  • See the world
  • Interact with others
  • Deal with adversity and complex issues

In mid 2005 I was sitting in the business lounge at Dusseldorf airport thumbing through the latest Harvard Business Review. “The 7 Transformations of Leadership” by David Rooke and Bill Torbet galvanized me: at last, a complex leadership model.

Later that year, I flew to the UK and participated in David Rooke and Elaine Herdman-Barker’s Transforming Leadership training and authorization programme for coaches.

After using it for more than a decade, the Leadership Development Profile is still the most reliable instrument for establishing a baseline and starting point for DEEP MENTORING.



Focus on own immediate needs

Short time horizon

“Eye for an eye”


Socially expected behaviour

Avoids conflict

Needs to fit in


Search for expertise, improvement & efficiency.

Critical Perfectionist

Yes. But…


Delivery of results by most effective means.

Success. Seeks mutuality

Prisoner of time


Focus on self, relationships & interaction with the system.


Questions assumptions


Links between principles, contracts, theories and judgement.

Strategic time horizon

Process and goal oriented

At home in paradox


Interplay of awareness, thought, action and effect.

Generates social transformation

Metaphorical Deep Wisdom

Tailored leadership coaching and development that results in deep transformation and measurable success.

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