Viktor B. , MOCS, Ericsson Research, Sweden

“Based on academic research, the Deep Mentoring program has given me insights and opened up new perspectives to look upon myself as the true leader I am.

The coaching sessions and not the least the exercises have given me increased understanding where my leadership strengths are and why they are there based on past experience. I know I am good at listening and facilitating so I know I can use that to give room for new perspectives and contributions from others. I am also aware of some of my dark sides where there are resources I can use. 

Now I can more clearly take the initiative to jointly identify and define a shared vision. By being more expressive with my own intensions and more clearly advocate my own perspectives transparent, I trigger others to contribute and align our direction of power when transforming.”


John Rolland, G.M. Customer Sales & Service, Telstra, Australia. 

“Peter conducted leadership coaching and mentoring with each of my direct reports over several years whilst I led the 12,000 person channels team in Telstra .

Peter has exceptional skills in helping individuals reach their true potential at a business, personal and social level, and has the courage to send the hard messages required to get people to “shift”.”


Colly Myers, MD Symbian U.K.


“Symbian cannot over-emphasise the impact of Peter Lawry’s work on the Company and we highly recommend the expertise of the Peter Lawry team.  

Through the effective use of their methodology, they have gained the endorsement of our software developers and have created an enthusiasm with all Symbian employees which will be the key to its ongoing success.” 


Sam Plowman, CEO, Sandstone Technology, Australia

“Pete Lawry has helped us achieve fantastic business results, team growth, and individual development. Personally, I have benefitted enormously from his counsel and expertise and would recommend him to any organization.”  


Antoinette T., General Manager, Everyday Banking,
National Australia Bank

“Through my personal coaching with Pete, we worked to evolve my own leadership maturity and explored deeper concepts around self-awareness and self-actualisation to help me become more effective, more holistically.  

Sessions with Pete were stimulating, rewarding and at times confronting.  I walked away each time learning something new, embracing the challenge to grow, and allowing myself to ”just be”.”


Niklas Björk., Head of MOCS (Management & Operations of Complex Systems),
Ericsson Research, Sweden

“There are three unique things with Pete’s coaching that make a significant positive impact for personal leadership development.  

The first is Pete’s ability to quickly assess the Leaders current position through dialogue, and to then use his very active listening skills. This part of the 1 on 1 quickly identifies where the current leadership strengths are, but most of all the dialogue exposes the current leadership limitations and how these limitations manifest themselves in day-to-day operation.             

The limitations mainly consist of personal internal fears/stories/blockers that exists within the Leader. By overcoming these fears/stories, personal leadership development happens. 

The second is that after assessing the current position of the leader, Pete provides a personalized toolbox for the leader to work with and to use. These tools are then used by the leader to break through and eventually remove their previously identified fears/stories and blockers. These tools are used real-time in the combined work and private environment. 

During this second phase, Pete is operating in a multi-dimensional, multi-layered fashion working with both the observable level as seen by others as well as the internal process happening simultaneously within the Leader. This multi-dimensional, multi-layered leadership development is unique and something that I have not seen in corporate business before. 

The third is the synthesis of the leadership development itself within the leader and the follow-through over a longer period of time. The synthesis is mainly about building sustainable leadership development processes into the leader so that it lasts throughout life, creating a constant leadership development process.  

Pete’s ability to build in this personalized leadership development attitude combined with challenging iterative follow-up dialogues is the third major contribution. 

I can highly recommend Pete for his ability to do executive coaching and I think that senior executives will highly benefit from his participation.”


Urban Wiklund, Head of R&D (User Data Consolidation)
Ericsson, Sweden

“I have had the pleasure of working together with Pete during the last 15 years and despite the huge distance between Australia and Sweden, he has always been my first choice for supporting in any leadership, coaching and change work. 

Pete is multi-skilled and has proven his wide experience and capabilities in leading, coaching and driving workshops in a number of different areas.He is especially skilled in transforming cultures, coaching and facilitating group and individual development.

He has a unique skill in truly connecting to any person/audience, and in his engaging and innovative interaction he has always delivered on or above my expectation. Pete has my absolute best recommendation.”  


Fredrik Källman, VP & Head of PDU Media & Applications
Ericsson, Sweden

“Through Pete’s coaching sessions, the senior team and its members have grown as leaders to a level not normally seen as reachable, able to lead organisations in the fast changing and dynamic environment we operate.  They truly operate from a much senior and more developed perspective, able to see through and handle their own and other’s “stories,” creating engagement, commitment, honesty and action.


Anders Olin, VP & GM Vodafone KAM, Ericsson U.K.  

“Peter was instrumental in creating such a high performing global team. During 2004-06, team members came from many different organizations with different cultures from all around the world.

The starting point was a non-existing team and a dissatisfied global customer, but the power of the team became very strong and continued to attract top talent as well as generating continued new business.

Peter’s skills were an invaluable asset during my two and a half years of transitioning a dysfunctional account into a highly successful account.”


Paul P, VP, Head – New Software Introduction, Ericsson USA.  

” I have had mentors over the years and I have taken many Management and Leadership courses, but I must say that the Deep Mentoring Sessions I had with Pete Lawry – were the most thought provoking that I have participated in.

The Questions and Insights that were covered during the sessions, forced me toThink hard and “deep” regarding my management and leadership style and Effectiveness. Examining what I do and more importantly why. I highly recommend these sessions. “ 


Darlene Wilson & Ericsson Canada.  

“My Deep Mentoring sessions with Pete Lawry were transformative.
Throughout the process, I was challenged to think and act differently, shattering long-held beliefs that were holding me back from taking my leadership to the next levels.”


Demetra P & Ericsson USA.  

“Before meeting Pete, I felt that this was just going to be just another mentoring program. Instead, I found myself not only looking forward to our sessions, but also thinking about our discussions and taking actions on a daily basis! Pete’s approach is very engaging, thought provoking and can be applied to all aspects of leadership – both work and home life.

I find myself being more courageous, confident and trusting of my own leadership abilities. I also find it quite natural to share my insights and techniques with my own leadership team – thus elevating the entire department.

Pete is a true pleasure to work with!!! –“

Tailored leadership coaching and development that results in deep transformation and measurable success.