Beginning the Deep mentoring process

The Deep Mentoring process begins by discerning the developmental stage/action logic the participant is operating from.

Relevance built into the process

By design, the Deep Mentoring process is grounded in the participant’s most pressing developmental issues.


Working on real issues in real time ensures an immediate return on investment.

A typical 6 sessions programme

We recommend a block of 6 Deep Mentoring sessions held at regular 2 or 3 weekly intervals.

Beginning the Deep mentoring process

To discover this accurately, the Global Leaders Profile is undertaken and both the participant and Peter Lawry are sent a copy of the report.

This profile offers a baseline of where the participant is located, the participant’s current action logic, and tips for transitioning to the next developmental stage.

Relevance Built into the process

Participants are encouraged to bring to their 1 hour mentoring session their sense of:

  1. Where they feel they are stuck.
  2. What isn’t working.
  3. Where they need help.

The critical incident that emerges becomes the window for examining underlying causes. The Deep Mentoring process gently and respectfully exposes blind spots, assumptions and faulty reasoning and together we explore new ways of seeing the situation and alternative ways to move forward.

With minimal disruption to work (1 hour per session), this approach offers deep and effective personal development that    is grounded in the participant’s present working experience.

Benefits of The Deep Mentoring Process

  • Extremely cost effective, with minimal time disruption to the busy work schedule
  • Individual focus ensures participants receive precisely the coaching and leadership tools they need, to solve their most pressing work/life issues in real time.
  • Respectful, private and confidential, which increases trust, commitment and buy-in and accelerates development.
  • Very flexible, sessions can be implemented by participants from any work site in the world, saving time and money.

A typical 6 Sessions Programme

This sequence allows time to establish a pattern of reflection, deconstruction, trialing, and then embedding new behaviours.

The process begins with the participant filling out the Global Leaders Profile.

The first Deep Mentoring session is an in-depth analysis of the GLP report and a scoping of the developmental landscape for the following sessions.

In sessions 2 to 5, Peter and the participant work deeply and collaboratively in exploring the underlying patterns and systemic issues appearing through the window of the presenting issues.

The final session (6) begins with a self-evaluation and then focuses on strategies for reinforcing and sustaining the emerging new leadership behaviour.

Tailored leadership coaching and development that results in deep transformation and measurable success.